Dallmeier announces its Panomera multi-focal sensor cameras have completed seamless integration in the Milestone XProtect VMS

With immediate effect, the patented Panomera multi-focal sensor cameras, produced by Germany-based manufacturer, Dallmeier (Dallmeier electronic GmbH & Co.KG), have completed a seamless integration in the Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS).

Panomera – Xprotect VMS

The integration provides Milestone XProtect users with a range of entirely new capabilities, for observing and monitoring large areas, and vast spatial contexts. With Panomera, the images from up to seven detailed sensors and one overview sensor are intelligently stitched within a camera system, to produce one overall vision of the object space. XProtect operators can now open and organise all ‘sub-modules’ from the XProtect Smart Client user interface, drag and drop, and zoom into any number of areas within the sub-modules, simultaneously.

Enabling the entire high-resolution image at all times provide the benefit equal to combining a powerful megapixel camera, with an unlimited number of high-resolution ‘virtual’ PTZs.

‘Virtual PTZ’ feature

The number of cameras needed and the number of screens available to observe are reduced drastically The plugin works with the XProtect Smart Client process seamlessly. It eliminates complicated, confusing switching between camera perspectives and the unnecessary search for maps of buildings, and surroundings.

The number of cameras needed and the number of screens available to observe are reduced drastically. The work of the operators is made considerably simpler. All sub-modules are recorded in high resolution.

The zooms are carried in extremely high resolution, allowing the operator to receiving details of the entire image. This feature is not possible with conventional solutions, and it is beneficial when dealing with complex situations, for example, or for ensuring successful forensic analysis.

Integration of Panomera technology

The integration of Panomera technology in the Milestone XProtect software is an important step for our mutual customers and partners. Creating an unlimited number of high-resolution views from the main image within the VMS and recording them is not possible in this form except with Panomera.

It is as if the user has an unlimited number of ‘virtual PTZs’ at his disposal, while at the same time everything is continuously recorded in high resolution,” said Thomas Dallmeier, Member of the Management Board at Dallmeier. Thomas Dallmeier adds, “With this combined solution, not only do users of Milestone XProtect reduce their overall operating costs, as fewer camera systems and less infrastructure are needed, but they also significantly improve overall security, including the documentation of incidents, since all concerned areas of the object space are monitored and recorded in high resolution.

Technologies for video security applications

We are delighted with the integration of the Panomera technology in the Milestone XProtect video management software. As a result, our joint customers have at their disposal, absolutely ‘state-of-the-art’ technologies, from both the software and the camera perspective, for an enormous range of video security applications,” said Alberto Bruschi, Manager EMEA Community Sales at Milestone Systems.

Alberto adds, “We are particularly pleased that Dallmeier and Milestone Systems are European manufacturers, whose key technologies are combined to create an efficient, scalable, and reliable solution.

From the perspective of cyber security, the high standards for secure technologies are becoming more and more important for many of our customers.

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