Kaspersky announces smart home security to protect connected devices at home

Kaspersky announced the release of a new solution – Smart Home Security which will help telecom operators respond to growing consumer demand for the protection of smart home devices. It protects against a wide range of potential risks, including device failures, malicious attacks, covert surveillance, and more. A telecom provider installs the product on a router, and all a customer needs to do is download an app on a smartphone to control and monitor device security.

Today there is a trend shift from separate smart devices to a connected ecosystem consisting of several networked gadgets. In particular, the market for Internet of Things (IoT) devices has seen active growth recently – with a dramatic increase of 23.1 per cent in 2020. This trend highlights the need to provide comprehensive protection of this ecosystem from a wide range of threats.

This is a fact supported by the Nokia survey, which shows that the number of attacks aimed at hacking connected devices has doubled since the previous year (from 16.17 per cent  to 32.72 per cent). Another Kaspersky report also found that most users (89 per cent) are worried about the security of their devices. The new product combines several critical aspects of cybersecurity, including protection against malware, hidden surveillance, internet control, and more.

In particular, the intrusion control set includes AV file scanning, blocking brute-force attacks, checking suspicious URLs, and monitoring internet ports and protocols. Security check kit lets customers control the level of security for the system and devices. For example, the product will notify a user if passwords for devices are too weak and help choose a new and secure option.

In addition, the set includes checking internet protocols and vulnerable internet ports. Read: Kaspersky: Over half of ransomware victims paid off attackers in 2020 Kaspersky smart home security also allows parents to set internet usage restrictions for their children and prevents visits to inappropriate websites.

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