oumuik Bird Spikes/Defender Bird Spikes/Anti Climb Spikes/Stainless Bird Spikes/Birds Spikes for Roof/Stainless Steel Birds Defence Anti Climb Security Wall Fence, cover 3.3 m

SALE PRICE: £16.29

  • ♆ Bird Spikes with a High Quality : Anti-bird spikes are made by very good quality stainless steel which can bend and not easy to break
  • ♆ Bird spikes Easy to install: Simply insert the thorn into the hole, and voila the installation of the bird spikes is finished, after attaching them to the wall or fence
  • ♆ Bird Spikes with a wide range of use: Anti-pigeon spikes, it can be used on balconies, crests, windows, roofs, gutters, etc
  • ♆ Anti-Pigeon Spikes with 11cm protection: The 11cm protection is enough to prevent most birds and you provide a very clean and calm environment
  • ♆ Bird Spikes Anti corrosive: Anti bird spikes, due to excellent design and best materials, they will never loosen or rust when the weather is bad

Product description

With our oumuik bird spikes, you will have finally found the radical solution for the pigeons which squatted your kitchen balconies by putting droppings everywhere!!
Yes! With our anti-pigeon spikes, you will never encounter this situation that birds shit on balconies!
No more pigeons!!!
No more pigeons!!!
No more pigeons!!!
You can install the anti-bird spikes with the glass glue , the double-sided adhesive, the self-locking nylon zip tie, screws or nails.
Package contains: 10 pieces of bird spikes
10 pieces of plinths
Material:stainless steel

Dimensions: 34.4 x 15.5 x 3.8 cm; 780 Grams
Manufacture: oumuik