Patriot One Technologies Enhances MSG Patron Screening Technology With Greater Accuracy And Resilience

Patriot One Technologies Inc. announced it has released the next phase of its threat detection multi-sensor gateway (MSG) with technology enhancements that make it increasingly accurate, flexible, and practical for sports and entertainment venues. MSG is a weapons detection scanner that stadiums and entertainment venues can deploy at points of entry. Unlike traditional metal detectors, the system uses sensors and purpose-designed artificial intelligence (AI) to scan for prohibited items such as guns and other weapons, accurately and unobtrusively at entry points.

This eliminates the need for every patron to stop to empty their pockets and bags, which dramatically increases the rate at which people can enter facilities – improving the patron experience and maximizing revenue opportunities for venue operators, without compromising security.

Enhances weapon detection

The new version of MSG includes additional sensing capabilities and AI features that further improve weapons-detection accuracy, including further improved detection for small weapons including knives, lower false alarm rates due to heavier clutter in pockets, and directional alerting. The new release also includes requested features to further optimize security personnel requirements, activities, and processes. The new version of MSG includes additional sensing capabilities and AI that further improve weapons detection accuracy

These enhancements are a direct result of our work with key professional sports leagues and stadium customers, who have provided valuable feedback on the features and functionality they need to maximize the patron experience and exceed their currently defined security standards,” said Patriot One CEO, Peter Evans.

Feedback-based upgrade

Evans said that customer feedback played a key role in MSG’s enhancements, as many of the updates were based on defined customer priorities and requirements. “Many security directors have been disappointed by systems that perform well in the lab, but can’t deliver the same performance in their specific environment or within their unique stadium needs,” he said. “Along with more accurate detection and continuously improving false-positive alert rates, MSG boasts increased resilience to electromagnetic interference (EMI), vibrations, and noise from boisterous environments, making it ideal for stadiums and live concert environments hosting large crowds.”

Ensuring maximum flexibility

Patriot One has added several features designed to give security organizations maximum flexibility Along with the enhancements to MSG detection performance, Patriot One has added several features designed to give security organizations maximum flexibility to align to their security model.

Enhanced kiosk capabilities, flexible alerting, user-defined alerting options, and profile settings are all available and adjustable by the users to fit their unique security operations requirements.   Evans added, “Each stadium is unique. They have different footprints, ages, entries, available space, and locations in urban environments, among other considerations that force operators to adjust their security approaches.”

Recognizing this, we are creating a solution with the maximum flexibility to allow us to align to security organizations’ business, versus a one-size-fits-all approach that forces them to adapt to the technology – which is an approach that sub-optimizes security.”

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